Wheat Beer is a classic one. Its taste and aroma come from wheat malt and dedicated strains of brewing yeast. In other words – “light, pleasant, local”. This is what we knew when we started the project. Our goal was to create a project, which would show the character of the Kociewie region, where the brewery is located. We designed a label of a beer which people from Kociewie and areas would grab with pleasure to reward themselves for hard work and celebrate small successes.

Our part

“Wheat Beer needs to be authentic, genuine and cheerful, just like the people of Kociewie. It should bring well deserved pleasure after having casual house chores done”

The illustrations and colours refer to patterns typical for Kociewie. We wanted the label to recall the smell of the sunny field of wheat and give us the feeling that the time has stopped for a while.

Visit our profile on Behance, to see our other projects:

Visity our profile on Behance,
to see our other projects.