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Shady is a dark, heavy beer like Stout which has an intensely bitter flavour of heavily roasted aromas. While working on the name from the very first moment we imagined a stuffy dim-lit pub with old lamps and creaky wooden floor; the light and scenery from movies from the 40s. We felt it was the right direction to present the character of the beer.

Our part

“We wanted to create an atmosphere similar to gangster Noir films. However, our plan was also to work a bit of humour into the scenery”.
Generally, in a gangster movie we expect a scene where tough characters sort things out between themselves. We didn’t want our guy to use a gun. Our goal was to present a scene with all Noir elements, such as a black and white frame, gloomy atmosphere, typical shadows on the faces of the characters and ambiguity… (Who is the bad guy in our story after all?)
For the illustration we designed a relaxed typography imitating smoke. The label tells a story with rotund heavy letters, which in a non-intrusive way, mingle with the character.

Visit our profile on Behance, to see our other projects:

Visity our profile on Behance,
to see our other projects.