That's how we like to do the work!

People don’t buy products. They buy stories. In order to tell an engaging story of your brand you need more than an attractive logo or an illustration. Sending a consistent message is a complex process, which needs to be tailor-made. No fear, we won’t let you be alone with this. Many years of experience in work with various brands showed us that the best projects are the ones where the client gets involved. You’ll have a real influence on the project, so no surprises. Shall we begin?

Let's talk!

The aim of our first face-to-face meeting or a videoconference is always to get to know each other. We’ll ask you about your brand and your needs. We’ll answer your questions about our experience, projects or workflow. Or we can just talk about beer. This is the stage when we’ll feel if we’re a right fit.


Do you have a brief? If not, no worries. We’ll send you a list of questions and your answers will let us decide if the estimated time or budget match your needs. It’ll also give us a detailed view on our role in the project. Questions are easy. If you know your brand the answers shouldn’t take you longer than drinking a cup of nice coffee. At this stage we’ll together decide about the beginning of the project and details of the contract.


In a nutshell, clear research is based on observations. Before the start of any project, we carefully analyse your answers to our brief and take a close look at current trends, needs and issues your clients struggle with. We’ll analyse your competition and learn more about your communication process, to discover good and not-so-good practises. And it’s just a tip of the iceberg 🙂


On the basis of gathered information we make a presentation. In the slides, depending on the project, you’ll get a basic communication strategy for your brand, including the goal and milestones of our project, among other things. We’ll point out what, how and to whom we should speak to be remembered. Moodboards will help us determine the visual direction. Together we’ll make a decision which one captures the character of your brand most adequately. In the end, you know it best.


This is where the real fun starts. When we decide on the direction, which we’re going to follow, it’s time to start designing. Remember, you’re a part of the team, so we’ll send you all the graphics and layouts to discuss and implement possible changes. We need to be sure that you’ll love the project as much as your clients will do. However, don’t forget that we know what we do, so you can trust us. In the end, that was the reason why you decided to cooperate with us, right?


We’ll provide you with all the necessary files and content to launch your brand or the project. If you get a call form a polygraphic company with an issue – don’t worry, we’re here to solve any problems. At this stage we’re also building your website, testing it and making sure that the information architecture and the design are top quality. No bugs allowed!


We know that starting a brand, launching a new product or website is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Besides creating a solid image you have a lot of other things to attend. Be sure that we’re a real support for you! We’ll stick with you and make sure the things go according to plan. We have your back! We want to grow alongside your brand.

Visit our profile on Behance, to see our other projects:

Visity our profile on Behance,
to see our other projects.