Porter Noster


Poster Noster is a beer which Czarna Owca Brewery takes pride in. It has been the favourite of consumers’ and juries of craft beer competitions. The beer is brewed once a year and it ages for 7 months. Next, it is stored in hard liquor barrels. Porter Noster is bottled for the third time and this time in 3 different ways. Our intention was to design a series of classic packages referring to the labels which fans of this Baltic Porter had already got used to.

Our part

“Dedicated illustration, referring to the ornamental monograms and gildings, emphasizes the classic and smart character of the beer”
We’d been looking for the inspirations among baroque and victorian ornamental wood engraving. In the pictures, we presented barrels which refer to the maturing process, while the gilded letter “P” is vine-covered to show the unpredictable character of the series.
We wanted clarity. That’s why we included the story of the production of the beer together with the most relevant info. We matched typography with accents to make it tone in with the classic style of the illustration.

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Visity our profile on Behance,
to see our other projects.