Szczęśliwa 13


The Lucky Thirteen is an unbelievably hopped NEIPA from Czarna Owca Brewery. You can sense red oranges, grapefruits, lychees, and limes in the aroma. This project was an interesting challenge for us because it was created spontaneously at the customer’s picnic.  On two big wooden boards, we created an illustration that was an interpretation of the slogans thrown by people at the event and the taste described by the brewery owner. 

Our part

While painting, project enthusiasts noticed a clover in the painting and all jointly agreed to call it a Lucky 13 beer.

„It’s a great feeling seeing people getting engaged in the process and enjoying to the fullest the final design”

Work in progress

Visit our profile on Behance, to see our other projects:

Visity our profile on Behance,
to see our other projects.