Tropikalna grawitacja & Awaryjne lądowanie


Emergency Landing and Tropical Gravity is a continuation of the series we designed for the Black Sheep Brewery. In this project we intended to create a collection of labels with illustrated stories which in a funny and indirect way refer to space. We chose a background-free, almost theatrical scenography, so the viewer can see in his mind the next part of the story.

Our part

awaryjne londowanie_tropikalna grawitacja_Craft Beer_Label Design_Dobre Dobre Studio_Browar Czarna Owca_3
“There is a chance that at least once in a lifetime everyone has experienced an emergency landing, while getting ready to watch a favourite show”
In Emergency Landing we presented a fan of space and astronauts, who is getting ready for the evening relax, surrounded by his favourite cosmic gadgets. Suddenly, he gets into trouble and saves what he loves the most, regardless of the consequences.
“The wildest tropical party is the one when you can lose touch with reality”
While designing the illustrations for the Tropical Gravity label we wanted to show youngsters enjoying the summertime and sunset… on another planet. In a place, where drinking beer is not only a pleasure, but also an unforgettable experience.
„We wanted the cosmic series to stimulate imagination and to be a starting point for discussions. While the taste of beer, in combination with illustrations, make the enthusiasts feel better”.

Visit our profile on Behance, to see our other projects:

Visity our profile on Behance,
to see our other projects.